• Fungicida

    Azote 32,5 SC Azoxystrobin 187 g/l + Difenoconazole 138 g/l SC
    Combina 66 SC Azoxystrobin 60 g/l + Chlorthalonil 600 g/l SC
    Benolo PH 50 / Benozent 50 Benomyl 500 g/kg WP
    Rotalon 50 SC Chlorthalonil 500 g/l SC
    Cupro 50 WP Copper 500 g/kg (as Copper oxychloride) WP
    Dino 25 EC Difenoconazole 250 g/l EC
    Golpe 12,5% SC Flutriafol 125 g/l SC
    Dimetozeb 69% WP Mancozeb 600 g/kg + Dimetomorph 90 g/kg WP
    Cuprosate Gold /Rapidgold 72 WP Mancozeb 640 g/kg + Cymoxanil 80 g/kg WP
    Fortuna /Fuerza 80 WP Mancozeb 800 g/kg WP
    Rival 60,7 SL/Trepak 72,2 SL Propamocarb HCl 722 g/l SL
    Coloso 25 % EC Propiconazole 250 g/l EC
    Pony 25  EW/Tebuzent 25  EW Tebuconazole 250 g/l EW
    Tiozent 37,5  SC Thiodicarb 375 g/l SC
    Cuprozin Super Blue 52 WP Zineb 150 g/kg + Copper 370 g/kg (as Copper oxychloride) WP
    Zineb 75 % WP Zineb 750 g/kg WP


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    A oil dispersion containing 40 g/l nicosulfuron, selective herbicide for post-emergence control of annual grass and broadleaved weeds in maize.

    Composition: 40 g/l Nicosulfuron

    Formulation type: Oil dispersion (OD)


    A water dispersible granules containing 750 g/kg Tribenuron-methyl, a sulfonylurea, for broadleaved weeds control in wheat and barley.

    Composition: 750 g/kg Tribenuron-methyl

    Formulation type: Water dispersible granules (WDG)

  • NASA®

    NASA® is an aqueous concentrate containing 360g/L glyphosate (480g/L 41.0% w/w of the isopropylamine salt) and a non tallowamine surfactant.

    NASA is a foliar applied herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds before sowing or planting all crops, for use preharvest in cereals and certain other crops, destruction of grassland and in stubbles, orchards, forestry and non-crop areas.

    Composition: 360 g/l Glyphosate

    Formulation type: Water soluble concentrate (SL)


    Systemic fungicide with preventative and curative action for control of foliar late blight (Phytopthtora infestans) on potato.

    Composition: 50 g/l Cymoxanil and 400 g/l Propamocarb hydrochloride

    Formulation type: Suspension Concentrate (SC)

    Other available trade names: OMIX® DUO

  • RIVAL®

    Systemic fungicide with protective action against soil born disease like Phytophthora sp and Pythium sp, causing Damping off disease on tomato and ornamentals seeds, seedling, plants and transplants

    The product is a water soluble concentrate containing 722 g / L propamocarb hydrochloride (equivalent to 607 g/l propamocarb as base)

    Composition: 722 g/l Propamocarb hydrochloride

    Formulation type: Water soluble concentrate (SL)


    Contact fungicide with protective mode of action for control of Late blight on potatoes and Phytophthora infestans in protected tomatoes. FORTUNA® contains 800g/kg of the active ingredient mancozeb, formulated as a wettable powder.

    Composition: 750 g/kg MANCOZEB

    Formulation type: Wettable powder (WP)

    Other available trade names: Agria Mancozeb® 80 WP


    Contact fungicide with protective mode of action for control of Late blight on potatoes and Phytophthora infestans in protected tomatoes. FORTUNA® GLOBE contains 750 g/kg of the active ingredient mancozeb, formulated as water-dispersible granules.

    Composition: 750 g/kg Mancozeb

    Formulation type: Water Dispersible Granules (WDG)

    Other available trade names: Agria Mancozeb® 75 WDG

  • RIVAL®

    RIVAL® es un fungicida sistémico con acción protectora, contra enfermedades de propagación por el suelo, tales como Phytophthora y Pythium.

    Composición: 722 g/l Propamocarb hydrochloride

    Tipo de formulación: Concentrado soluble (SL)

    Otros nombres comerciales disponibles: Prensar, Avatar


    SMERCH® es un herbicida de contacto de amplio espectro, para su uso en cítricos, frutales de pepita, girasol, olivo y vid, contra malas hierbas anuales y de hoja ancha.

    Composición: 240 g/l Oxyfluorfen

    Tipo de formulación: Concentrado emulsionable (EC)


    CORIDA® es un herbicida sistémico y selectivo para el control de malas hierbas de hoja ancha en cultivos de cereales (trigo y cebada) al aire libre, mediante pulverización mecánica dirigida al suelo.

    Composición: 750 g/kg Tribenuron-methyl

    Tipo de formulación: Granulado dispersable en agua (WG)

  • Dosay 45 WP

    Unique triple combination of thee active substances for control of many fungal diseases in fruits, vegetables and arable crops. Dosay 45 WP is with combined contact (protective) and systemic (curative action).

    The product is 100% of European origin – manufactured in AGRIAs facility, located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

    Composition: 120 g/kg ZINEB + 40 g/kg CYMOXANIL + 290 g/kg COPPER as COPPER OXYCHLORIDE

    Formulation type:  Wetable Powder (WP)

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