In 2007, the Company obtained Operation Permit No. 39/2007 on the grounds of art. 104 of the Environmental Protection Act. The Permit is directly related to European Directive 2003/105/EC (also known as SEVESO II) on the prevention of major accidents with dangerous substances and the limitation of their consequences.

The Permit specifies the necessary conditions that must be followed, emphasizing preventive measures and control regarding the production process as well as the documentation and analysis of the data from the Company’s own monitoring.

Annually, we carry out:

  • Evaluation of the installations, facilities, equipment and pipeworks condition;

  • Evaluation of the safety management system – examination of the organizational structure, the procedures and the available means for safe operation of the installations, facilities, equipment and pipeworks;

  • Analysis of audit methods’ efficiency and review of the Safety Measures Management System;

  • Corrective Monitoring System – preparation and application of procedures for reporting accidents or technological regime violations, determination of causes and correction of the Safety Measures Management System.