AGRIA’s Helfer Grain (granulated mancozeb) with superior performance over the mass

AGRIA’s Helfer Grain (granulated mancozeb) with superior performance over the mass

No one doubts in the efficacy of AGRIA’s fungicides. As a company with almost 90 years of experience in the agrochemical business, AGRIA’s products are well recognizable and highly reputed on the market in more than 60 countries.

However, there were some concerns in Paraguay related to the performance of AGRIA’S granulated mancozeb, distributed in the Country under the trade name Helfer Grain. Farmers concerns were related mainly on the product performance during operating (mixing with water and spraying) and whether the product will be comparable with the most used mancozeb on the market. To demonstrate Helfer Grain’s quality the product was tested in real conditions and compared with Indian product – the most used source of mancozeb on the market.

The dusting effect and the solubility properties of both products were tested. Dusting effect is important parameter of solid pesticides from point of view of their safety to the operator, while the solubility is parameter that could affect the sprayability properties and equipment performance by clogging the spray nozzles.

After the demonstrations in real conditions, farmers were convinced in the Helfer Grain quality and the fact that the product is with equal properties, even better in some aspects than the most used mancozeb source. With superior quality and reasonable price, Helfer Grain declares its intention to reach more growers in 2019 for improved operator safety and higher performance on the field.

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